Bullamine Project

Located 13km southeast of the town of Bolgart, the Bullamine project (E70/4692) was the originally known as the Wattening iron ore project. Apart from some rock chip sampling by CRAE there has been limited exploration on this tenement for other commodities.

Target Commodities

  • Ni-Cu-PGE hosted in mafic / ultra-mafic intrusive rocks
  • Pegmatite hosted lithium

Project History

  • CRAE collected 5 rock chip samples;
  • Magnetite iron ore drilling by Cliffs Natural Resources / Reedy Lagoon Corporation JV in 2010 – 2012.

Project Geology#

AgeArchean 4 Ga – 2.5 Ga
TerraneYouanmi Terrane
GSWA Lithologygranitoids, metamorphosed mafic rocks; iron formation; granodiorite

# Source: Geological Survey of Western Australia, Youanmi Terrane (YYO) explanatory notes

Exploration Analysis

  • High amplitude discordant magnetic anomalies may indicate mafic-ultramafic intrusive rocks;
  • 2 moderate conductors identified in an Airborne Electromagnetic survey conducted by NRL (2022);
  • Anomalous Li-Sn-Cs in granite pressure shadow – may suggest pegmatites;
  • Anomalous nickel-in-soil geochemistry;
  • Magnetic anomalies to the south have no data coverage.


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