Projects Overview

Northam Resources Ltd (NRL or the Company) owns a regional-scale exploration portfolio located 95km east of Perth in Western Australia’s Wheat Belt region.

Historically the geology of the area had been interpreted as passive shelf sediments, or in other words, marine or terrestrial sedimentary rocks deposited on a continental shelf or margin.

With the discovery of Ni-Cu-PGE mineralisation hosted in mafic / ultramafic intrusive rocks at Chalice Mining’s Julimar project, as well as a significant body of work recently completed by the Geological Survey of WA (GSWA), the understanding of the geology of the area is beginning to change.

NRL’s exploration portfolio:

  • Is the largest exploration portfolio located between Chalice Mining Ltd’s Julimar project (approximately 35km to the west) and Anglo American’s Southwest Yilgarn Exploration Project, directly to the east;
  • It is a regional-scale tenement package consisting of 24 Exploration Licences, 100% owned by NRL with a total land area of over 1590km2;
  • There is a total 190km strike length of highly prospective geology including numerous mafic / ultra-mafic intrusive complexes, the host rocks for Ni-Cu-PGE intrusive style mineralisation;
  • The portfolio is bound to the west by the recently interpreted SW Yilgarn / Youanmi Terrane boundary as defined by the GSWA’s Accelerated Geoscience Programme.

Source: after R Quentin de Gromard, TJ Ivanic and I Zibra, 2021

The portfolio is centred amongst 7 active Ni-Cu-PGE & Cu explorers:

  • Located 35km east of Julimar (Chalice) (Ni-Cu-PGE);
  • Includes extensions to the trends observed by Mandrake (Neweyline) and Mamba (Black Hills) (Ni-Cu-PGE);
  • 5km south of Caravel (Opie) (Cu);
  • on the same trend as Minerals 260 (Ni-Cu-PGE);
  • 6km east of DevEx (Sovereign) (Ni-Cu-PGE);
  • 14km east of Caspin (Yarawindah) (Ni-Cu-PGE) and
  • 4km south of Phil’s Hill (Pursuit) (Ni-Cu-PGE)

NRL tenements, priority exploration prospect, recent discoveries by other explorers

NRL’s exploration licences are grouped into four major project areas (Kauring, Mt Joy, Ragged Rock, and Yerecoin North) (Projects). These projects are shown above, along with NRL’s priority exploration prospects, and proximal Ni-Cu-PGE and Cu discoveries by other explorers.


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